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Throwing Shade Coming To TV!

I’ve been listening to the Throwing Shade podcast with Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi for a few years now after falling in love with Bryan’s “That’s Gay” segments on the show infoMania on the former Current TV. The show summarizes itself as “taking a weekly look at all the issues important to ladies and gays… and treating them with much less respect than they deserve.” It’s hilarious while also focusing attention on important issues in our culture.

The great news is now they’re branching out into late-night TV! The show will be on TV Land, but unfortunately we’ll have to wait until early 2017 to see it. I’m greatly looking forward to it, and I really hope they keep the same incredibly inappropriate edge they have in the podcast.

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Modern Family

Just a short post today to say that I love Modern Family on ABC!  It’s my favorite new show, and along with Brothers & Sisters makes up some of the best TV out there.  Here’s an example of why:


Any other fans out there?  Be sure to check out the behind the scenes clips on Hulu, they’re great.

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I’m Baaaack!

Well, here I am, back on the Interwebs.  After 4 long months away I’m thrilled to be back in touch with the outside world.  For my fellow geeks, I’m running a 20Gb DSL connection and am really happy with the speeds I’m getting.

On a further geeky note, I added some additional login options for my comments.  You can now just login with Facebook or Twitter, so you have no excuses not to leave comments.

Now, on to the good stuff.  Excuse me while I turn into a shrieking 12 year old girl…OMGSH ARE YOU WATCHING GLEE!!?!!??!1  I’ve fallen in love with this show.  The pilot was excellent, the second episode was underwhelming, but since then they’ve recovered nicely.  Jane Lynch alone made me interested in the show; I loved her on the short-lived Lovespring International and she’s just laugh out loud funny.  Jane Lynch aside, there’s a really sweet gay character and my favorite of all, a fiercely fabulous black woman.

Warning: If you’re a straight male who watches football, hunts, drives a pickup truck, or thought Sarah Palin was a good idea and/or should hold any elected office then you probably won’t like Glee.

If you haven’t watched the show yet, do it before Hulu decides to pull it down.


There’s the light stuff.  I’ll get to what’s really been going on in my life in a future post.

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One More For The Road: Reporter Slip Ups


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Johnny Carson Memory

Just thought I’d share this with you guys, it’s random and funny.  I remember watching Johnny Carson as a child, wish someone like him was around now.


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The Up Series


For the last day or so I’ve been watching a fascinating documentary series called the Up Series. It started in 1964 when fourteen children were interviewed at the age of seven. Every seven years since 1964 the participants are interviewed and a new installment of the documentary is released. It’s fascinating to watch as they grow older by seven years, have careers(or not), families, etc.

I just finished 28 Up and it was bittersweet. It definitely has me evaluating my own life. I need to get moving with my goals! Seeing the wasted potential by some of the participants(at least at age 28) definitely shook me a bit.

I highly recommend watching the series. All installments(49 Up was the most recent) are available through Netflix, and all but one of them are available to view online.

I cannot imagine having to wait seven years to continue the story; I’m already getting apprehensive about finishing the series as it is now. Agh! 56 Up will not be available until 2011 or 2012! Watching them all in quick succession has allowed me to remember all of the details from 7 years old to 28 years old. It’s really very moving, but in some bizarre way I almost feel guilty for peeking in on these ordinary people’s lives.

All in all, it’s a fascinating project and experiment and I highly recommend it. Five stars.

PS  If you’re on Netflix, let me know.  I would love to take more advantage of the Social aspects of it.