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We Elected A President

Four days later it is still sinking in.  We elected a President.  Not in the collective sense of we as Americans elected a President, as we do every 4 years, but we, as in the people I know and worked with on a daily basis.

I am in a bit of a daze, to be completely honest.  As I said in my previous post my grades suffered and I am not prepared for an exam I have coming up this Monday and wasn’t in class to get the study guide.  I also missed an exam last week which I am unsure of whether I will be able to makeup or not.  I am hoping this lack of focus will diminish now that the campaign is over.

I am considering a few part time job options, but I feel so far behind in life.  I wish I could hit Fast Forward and finish school and get on with the real work.  Oh well, c’est la vie.

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