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Goodbye Zune?

So I’m just going to take a moment to talk about a great piece of technology that has been consistently underappreciated.

The rumor mill now is that Microsoft may be killing the Zune hardware though the software and brand remain alive and well on other platforms such as the Xbox 360 and Windows Phone 7.

Subscription music is where it’s at and I have been a huge fan of the Zune platform since early on. Paying one flat fee per month, about the price of a CD, and getting unlimited music is really great. I also get to keep 10 DRM free tracks every month, basically dropping the subscription price to $5 a month.

Either way, I love my Zune and the Zune software, and I’d still recommend people buy one if they are in the market for a media player.


Dropbox Invitations


Update 8/11/08: I still have Dropbox invitations available.  Follow the instructions below.

Alright you Googling geeks, I’ve got 10 invites to use Dropbox, currently in invite only Beta.  The first 10 to leave a comment (just include your Email address in the details, you don’t have to put it in the actual comment) will get an invitation to sign up to the beta.

So far the service is great.  I’d need a lot more than 2GB for backup use, but I think this is probably more geared at people using multiple computers who are needing to sync, more so than a backup service.  I have my Amazon S3 account for that.

Anyway, enjoy!



I Remember!

Ah Ha! Now I remember why I switched. It was right under my nose, and so obvious that it’s embarrassing. I became tired of how closed Vox was. I couldn’t use programs like Windows Live Writer! I even posted about the program in my second post! Unbelievable.


Testing Windows Live Writer

I’m testing out Windows Live Writer so you can basically ignore this post. This sure does make blogging super convenient. We shall see!

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