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UPDATE: That’s Outrageous! BART Shooting.

Below, you will find a link to a disturbing video of 22-year-old Oscar Grant being shot in the back by a police officer as he lay pinned face down on the ground.  I am trying to avoid rushing to judgement out of anger, but I think these videos speak for themselves.  My thoughts are with his family; I hope justice is swift and sure.  I will continue to follow the case and post updates.


Watch the story and cell phone videos recorded on the scene.

UPDATE 01/16/2009: Former BART Officer Johannes Mehserle, 27, has been arrested for murder the shooting of Oscar Grant on New Years Day.  Mehserle has been charged with homicide and has pled not guilty.


Not funny

So not funny…amazing how things change.  Another school shooting.  These things hit me like a bus.  Columbine ruined me for a year, I mourned…I became an insomniac.  Now I'm just angry.  So angry.  I wish I knew at who or what.  So angry and losing hope in humanity.  We keep trying to do good, but this keeps happening.  I don't know if our little bits of good scattered about can actually overcome this kind of hatred and evil.

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