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Remember These Guys?

Wow.  As funny as this is, I end up finding it very moving and extremely powerful.  Great, great piece.


Driving Mr. McCain

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Can Americans Be This Stupid? Wake Up!



Never Forget!


Why doesn’t anyone ever talk about the Keating Five?  It really happened, it was really unethical and extremely corrupt, and John McCain was right in the middle of it.  Educate yourselves, then educate your friends, family, and neighbors!

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Straight Talk? What A Joke.

Am I the only one stunned by how little coverage the John McCain-lobbyists on the payroll story is getting?  Come on people!  This guy has been blabbing for years about how he will get rid of lobbyists influence in Washington and then has to spend a couple weeks firing a ton of staffers who work for lobbying firms that represent evil dictatorships, oil companies, etc. etc. etc.  The list is extensive and very disturbing.  Charles Black, David Crane, Mike Dennehy.  Oh, how I love Google…and the truth.