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Arapahoe County: Fired Up, Ready To Go!

This past Thursday evening I attended the Grand Opening of Barack Obama‘s Campaign for Change Campaign Office here in Arapahoe County.  There were well over 200 people in attendance, around 250 I would guess.  The crowd was as diverse a crowd as I’ve ever seen, and there was electricity in the air.  I met most of the staff, officially changed my registration to Democrat, and signed up to volunteer my time.

Saturday I attended a Volunteer Leaders conference which also had several hundred people in attendance.  We spent a little over 5 hours together training and organizing neighborhood teams with our campaign staff Field Organizers.  We will be meeting regularly to conduct voter registration drives, as well as phone banking.  I will probably end up as the Canvassing Coordinator or the Phone Banking Coordinator.  I have experience with both, so we’ll see.

These pictures are from the campaign office opening.  It was a fantastic evening!  Fired Up,  Ready To Go!

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Hello, Beau. I stumbled across your 4 August 2008 post in a SWA (silly, wild-assed) Google search for the address of the Arapahoe County Campaign for Change, for which I also volunteered in 2008. I need the address to complete my USAJobs resume, which now requires street addresses for all “employers.” Would you happen to know that address or be able to suggest how I might find it? As I will be logging into your blog via Facebook, I presume you can send a response via my Facebook account; in case you cannot, I will bookmark your post and check back periodically to see if you have commented. I appreciate your work in this blog, as well as any assistance you can provide me.

Addendum: Just in case it helps jog your memory, I have recalled more details about the headquarters. (If I were not now back in Virginia, I would just drive up and look for it.) It was, I think, an appropriately purple building on the east side of Broadway, probably in Englewood. Anything?

Michael, I do indeed know the address for the Arapahoe County office from 2008’s Campaign for Change. I’m afraid you may be thinking of a different office though, as the area you’re describing doesn’t sound anything like the Arapahoe County office. Here’s the information:

Arapahoe Colorado Campaign for Change Office (Aurora, CO)
1180 S. Buckley Road
Aurora, CO 80017

This location was in a shopping center in Aurora, in what used to be a video rental store. It was a few doors down from an Albertson’s on one side and a Qdoba on the other. As the election got closer each team broke out into smaller field offices, and perhaps the location you’re remembering was one of those?

Either way, if you worked in Arapahoe County on the campaign, the above address would be the main office.

I hope this helps!

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