Corporate America. . .You Make Me Sick

So someone in my life was recently offered a relatively meaningless promotion at Blockbuster.  He gets a $.25/hr raise and is now a “4 Star” something or other.  In Blockbuster’s eyes this is basically a step up from scrubbing the bathroom floor with a toothbrush.

In and of itself getting this “promotion” isn’t bad as he’s only been there since September of last year.  The sickening part is that he just found out that if he accepts this promotion, he will no longer be able to take a lunch break.  He’ll be allowed a break here and there, but he will not be allowed to leave the store at all during his entire shift.  What is this?  Some kind of sick joke?

I wish I were a billionaire that had a lot of money invested in this company.  I’d send some threatening letter and pretend to have some sort of impact.  It’s just a joke, and I hope he finds another job.  He’s a fantastic worker for them, hence the promotion.  It’s like a promotion that comes with a complimentary kick in the crotch.

As if Netflix weren’t slaughtering you badly enough, you go and pull crap like this.  Not to mention you refuse to hire Full Time employees, since providing benefits would be too much trouble.  Good job Blockbuster, you deserve what’s so obviously inevitable.