QotD: My Nervous Habit

Do you have a nervous habit?
Submitted by Herding Cats.

Yes I do, and I don't know anyone else with the same habit.  I play with parts of clothing where the fabric is bunched up into a tight little spot.  Like on jeans at the bottom of the leg, where the seam going down the leg meets the hem at the bottom and is folded over.  There's that little hard clump of fabric there, and I play with it until my fingers hurt.  That and the corner of my back pockets on my jeans, cause they too have the hard little piece of layered fabric.  Same with the top and bottom of belt loops on jeans.

It's totally bizarre, I have no idea how or when it started.  All I know is, my belt loops come undone often and it's quite annoying.  When I was a teenager a neighbor got me a worry stone, it worked, but I forget to carry it with me these days.


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