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Invesco Field!

Tonight I will be attending the final night of the Democratic National Convention here in Denver at Invesco Field. I am so thrilled that I can barely contain myself. The thrill-o-meter just went through the roof when I found out that Al Gore will be speaking tonight as well. I have always wanted to see Al Gore speak and the duo of Gore and Obama in the same night is absolutely amazing!

Wherever you are, if you are in the United States please go out and volunteer. We can’t afford four more years of continued failed policies. I can’t afford four more years of this and I’m sure you can’t either. I need guaranteed health care, we all need guaranteed health care and it’s sad that it’s even a question. Please, get educated, get involved, and contribute your time. An hour or two a week helps, so please step up!


Focus on the Family Knows No Shame

This video is funded by Focus Action, the political arm of Focus on the Family.  Asking Christians to pray for rain during Barack Obama’s acceptance speech is not only childish, but it’s pretty disturbing. Why shut out free speech and the political process? Seems very unchristian. It has now disappeared from Focus’ site, but Keith Olbermann picked up on it and featured it on his show Countdown: