It's very strange, I was going through my wishlist I have online on, and I have a book on there that I loved when I was a teenager.  I looked up the author on Wikipedia, which made me think of another author, my favorite author from my teenage years, so I looked her up.  It's not the first time I looked her up, but it's been a few years. 

Sadly she passed away in 2004, I had no idea.  Paula Danziger, I don't think I'll ever forget her name, even when I'm old and gray and reading large print.  :)  She was 59, pretty sad, but amazingly(unlike my other favorite childhood authors) she was still writing and all of her books were still in print.  I only read a few of her books, but my favorite was "This Place Has No Atmosphere".  It's been forever, perhaps I'll re-read it for fun.

Anyway, just a note, mostly for myself.  Mourning the loss, over 3 years late, of an author that helped my imagination grow and put a smile on my face as I'd lay in bed all hours of the night during summer break reading with my booklight, hoping I could finish the book before the batteries died.

Thanks Paula.

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