Our Oversized Christmas Tree!

For some reason we decided that having a 10'(ended up being 11'+) Christmas tree would be fun, since we have 12' ceilings and may never have ceilings this high again.

NEVER get an 11' foot tree…EVER!  Not only did I not have enough lights, but getting this thing in the house, trying as two gay boys unfamiliar with saws to cut some of the trunk off with a saw that was made for plastic, not wood, and getting it standing up straight were a nightmare!

Decorating it was fun, and I'm glad to have a tree again.  I've been living on my own since early 2002 and I've only had a Christmas tree one of those years.  I love Christmas normally, but this one so far has been filled with lots of emotional and mental turmoil.  I hope it works itself out soon.

Anyway, I think the tree came out beautifully.  It was my fiance's idea to put the garland at the bottom.  Not sure how I feel about it yet.


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