Let go?

How do you let go of something that you've worked tirelessly on for seven years?  I started and have maintained a youth support site for 7 years.  I'm no longer passionate about it, I'm neglecting it, I need to make a decision.  Hundreds, if not thousands, of youth still rely on it and find comfort and fellowship in it.  What do I do!?  It's maddening.

The last 24 hours have been really emotional.  Lots of reflecting, looking up old friends and groups I used to be associated with.  It's hard to move on, especially when the right now isn't nearly as appealing as it all was.  I feel stuck, and I feel like I'm going nowhere.  I feel like I COULD be going somewhere, but, circumstances aren't allowing for it.  Blah!  Circumstances I ultimately control.

*sigh*  It's all nuts.

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