Checking In

Well, I'm busy with work these days.  Trying to get out of debt and repair my credit.  My boyfriend's student loans haven't come through like we expected, so we're kind of freaking out.  AGH!  I'm the only one working, he's taking classes(couple months away from his Masters degree) and doing a full time unpaid internship.  Bleh.  I pray he can get a loan figured out for us to survive on.

Well I just wanted to check in, I hope all of my neighbors on here are doing well!  You're all very fascinating individuals, gotta love diversity!

Well, I'm off to catch up on some of your lives and then gonna watch a little TV and maybe read before bed. Woohoo!

Oh, Greg sent me this amazing picture today.  Elephants are my favorite animals, they are simply amazing.  They have intense emotions and memories, their motherly instincts, etc.  Amazing.  Thought I'd share.

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