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Right As Rain

Who wants to be right as rain
It’s better when something is wrong
You get excitement in your bones
And everything you do’s a game
When night comes And your on your own
You can say I chose to be alone
Who wants to be right as rain
It’s harder when your on top

That’s from “Right As Rain” by Adele.  If you haven’t heard her, you should definitely check her out, just search for her on YouTube.  “Chasing Pavements” and “Right As Rain” would be a couple of good places to start.

She makes a good point, chaos is definitely exciting.  I’ve had lots of chaos and lots of stability crammed into the last four years of my life since I moved to Colorado.  1 year of chaos, 2 years of stability, and 1 more year of chaos.  I’m here at what feels like the tail end of a year of chaos, at least I can hope.

  • Year 1: Move to Fort Collins, Colorado, struggle to find a decent job, struggle to make friends in a new place.  Move to Denver in chaotic relationship. Relationship ends, move back to Fort Collins, CO.  Relationship resumes, move back to Denver. Relationship ends, boot ex out of his own apartment for treating me like a Yo-Yo.
  • Year 2: Get into stable relationship.  Get engaged.
  • Year 3: Great job, great relationship, great social circle.
  • Year 4: Engagement ends, great job ends, social circle disappears.  Get into nightmare rebound relationship.  Take crappy job, rebound relationship ends.
  • Year 5 (so far): Get back into school.  Quit crappy job to work on Barack Obama’s campaign, life changing.  Go broke.  Get offer from great nonprofit organization.  Looking forward to interview with second great nonprofit organization.  Wondering what the future holds.

All in all, I can’t complain.  I’m healthy and I have a roof over my head, though we’ll see if the roof is still there come the first of next month! 😉

I am content.  I have the normal concerns of life, but I am content.  I feel good about where we’re headed as a nation and as a globe.  I believe my potential to do the things I long to do and to help others is as bright as it ever was, even if it was cloudy for a while.  The clouds have come and gone, and as one of my dearest friends has always reminded me in some of my darker days, the sun will shine tomorrow.

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