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Thank You California; Larry, You’re Missed

While we are celebrating the recent decision of the California Supreme Court I wanted to post this tribute video to Lawrence Fobes “Larry” King.  The voice speaking is Ellen DeGeneres.  She made the comments on her talk show.

I also encourage you to watch the video from Ellen’s show that day.
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Yes We Can

We have to do this. Have I fabricated this sense of urgency?  I don’t believe I have.  I come from a very patriotic family.  My family has voted Republican endlessly.  I’ve only had the opportunity and privilege to vote in one Presidential election and I squandered it and voted for George W. Bush.  Do I think he’s an evil liar?  No.  I do however believe that he has failed us in healthcare, in the world’s view of us, in sending so many young lives to fight a war that is illegal and unconstitutional.

We must do this.  If you’re not sure, educate yourself.  If you don’t understand, find out.  This is not the time to stand idly by.

If you don’t know what is at stake then please read my previous post Murat Kurnaz – I Am So Sorry for a taste of what we’re in for if McCain wins this thing.

Watch the documentary Sicko.  Feel free to watch any rebuttal you need to to feel comfortable, but watch it.  People living longer than others in this country because they have money is disgusting.  People are dying from treatable diabetes, etc.  It’s unacceptable for a nation that has so many resources.  It has to stop.

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Martin Luther King Jr. – 40 Years Later

NBC’s Nightly News with Brian Williams did this fantastic piece on the end of Martin Luther King Jr’s life.  Take a minute to watch it, it’s great.

The Last Days of MLK

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Murat Kurnaz – I Am So Sorry

I am sorry that I voted for this President. I am sorry that I supported this Administration for as long as I did. I am sorry we robbed you of your youth and your joy of life. I am sorry that you weren’t allowed an attorney and that I wasn’t more vocal when I found out this was happening in Guantanamo. I am sorry. I am so very sorry.

I implore all of you to Google Murat Kurnaz.

Murat Kurnaz was picked up by Pakistani police under suspicion of being a terrorist. Turns out the U.S. was paying bounties of $3,000 for suspicious men. He happened to be a different color than the Pakistani people.

He was denied an attorney and held in prison for five years. He was innocent. There were documents in 2002 from several different U.S. agency’s stating that he was innocent. He was released in 2006. Somehow from 2002 when it was decided he was innocent until 2006, we, as the United States of America sat on this and let him rot in prison. I am disgusted. Google him to find out more. 60 Minutes did an excellent piece on this, it is available on their Web site.

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NASA TV & The Lesbians

So I just watched the space shuttle Endeavor dock with the International Space Station on NASA TV. I’m pretty impressed. Besides, watching the lesbian commander bounce around inside the ISS is the highlight of my night. I’m not sure what that says about my night, but it is what it is.

It’s pretty interesting, you should check it out. It’s like Big Brother: Science Edition.

EDIT: I looked her up on Wikipedia, and despite my friend saying the lesbians were taking over NASA after seeing her, she is not a lesbian. She is married. She is really cool and fun to watch…but not a lesbian, though she does kinda look like Ellen.


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