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It’s Official. . .It’s Time


I’m officially supporting Barack Obama.

I’ve held off on this for a long time because of my undying support of Ron Paul.  I held off until it was absolutely, positively 100% sure that he could not win the nomination.  I gave considerable money to the campaign, I plastered my car with bumper stickers, signs and magnets:


I strongly agree with Ron Paul’s stance on the war and I also agree that it is not our place to police the world and tell other countries they must have a Democracy.  That being said, I have always been torn over Ron Paul’s healthcare policy.  I am absolutely, whole-heartedly for Universal Healthcare.  There is absolutely no reason that some people should be able to live longer and healthier than others simply because they have the money to prevent and treat illness.  There is no excuse…end of story.

I will be redoing my car with Obama paraphernalia, though probably not to the same extent.  If you haven’t read his stances on the issues, please do.

Honesty, Integrity, Hope, Understanding…this country is dying, literally unfortunately, for these.  We’ve got a historical chance to make it happen.  Please consider it.

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I watched most of the debate tonight and it was awful. After eight years of the worst president in our history and neither Obama or Hillary can get past their ego enough to do anything good for the country.

When they weren’t recycling snipper fire attacks or Reverend Wright accusations, they were lying about how much they liked and respected the other candidate and that they were not attacking them, they were just saying that this is how the Republicans would attack in the fall.

There was so little substance that my TV almost blew away.

So I am done. They can both rot in hell for all I care. They are going to keep tearing away at each other until one of them is the nominee and then John McCain will just stumble into the White House. Seriously, John McCain?!?

You know why he confuses the Sunni and Shia sects of Islam? Because he is so old that when he was growing up the split had not happened yet! Burn to him be a contemporary to the Prophet! And he is the moron we are going to lose to!

So here is the ticket I am going to back… President Dennis Kucinich and Vice President Robert Reich.

Dennis is 5’7 on a good day. Robert is 4’10.

They will be able to sneak into the White House when we are all looking at the tall people and assume power.

I was a Ron Paul supporter too! It is so disgusting how the media deliberatley ignores him and his campaign. I love how you speak your mind about things that I would love to talk about but am to timid to do so! I was thinking about our senior year the other day and how I wish I could have gotten to know you a bit more back then! You are a good person Beau Hebert and I hope our paths will cross again one day. Maybe I will have to come visit you in Colorado sometime! 🙂

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