So, I realize that thus far I have only talked about cheap wines and beyond that, the last wine I talked about would make any wine snob cringe.  That being said, I have another cheap wine to talk about that would also probably earn nasty looks from wine snobs.

Lexia was recommended to me by a former colleague and after a little trouble finding it, I finally spotted it at a local wine store.  I then found out about Red Lexia from Alice White’s Web site.  I was unable to find it anywhere here in town, but this week when I was back in Louisiana visiting family I spotted it in WalMart.  I packed it up and brought it home.

These are both sweet wines, which may just mean I don’t like wine.  My wine experience so far has been very hit or miss.  I enjoy mostly sweet wines that real wine folks dismiss.  Lambrusco, White Merlot, and now Lexia and Lexia Red.  I have however really enjoyed a good glass of Merlot from time to time.

As for Lexia, Alice White has this to say  about it “A delicious white wine with fragrant apricot, orange blossom and lilac aromas and round, pleasingly sweet, mango and melon flavors balanced by a crisp, refreshing finish.”

Red Lexia, “An elegant, light-bodied rosé wine boasting vibrant, moderately sweet flavors balanced by a fresh, crisp finish.”

I’d recommend picking up a bottle of each, especially if Thai is on the menu, excellent pairing.  Mmmm![ad#banner]

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