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5 Days and Counting

It is 2AM on October 30th and staying true to quantifying my life in terms of how close Election day is, it is 5 days away.  I have sacrificed my bank accounts and standard of living by not working when I could have been and I have let my my grades suffer by working on this campaign since August.  The thought that in 5 days it could all be a waste is a little frightening.   I just cashed out my 401k to make it through and I’m stressed to say the least.

I decided to get back into school after 6 years and my performance this semester has been less than stellar.  I hope I have time to pull it out of the gutter once the campaign is over.  I hope.

I do this because it is a cause greater than myself and my hope for the future overpowers my concerns for my present.  That is why I do this.


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New Job

Well, I survived my second day at my new job as a Store Manager.  It was no ordinary second day however.  Today had we had to conduct a full store inventory.  Thankfully my team(myself and 3 people), a District Manager, and 4 other Managers conducted the inventory.  Even with 9 people I still didn’t get out until 1AM.  I am salary, so no OT for me.  The good news is that even though the previous Store Manager apparently didn’t do a very good job we actually ended up in the positive in our inventory.  No net losses!  Woohoo!

Well, that’s the update on my life.  Oh, and I’m listening to Cher.  YAY stereotypes!


Random Wine

My Split Weekend

Well, my split weekend is here. I have Friday and Sunday off. I so, so, so miss my two days off in a row. One day soon maybe, hopefully, possibly.

I’m exhausted and frustrated, it was just one of those days. Also found out some terrifying financial news, but I’ll be alright.

Just finished my glass of wine and now it’s time for a nice hot shower. Tried a random new one this time, Black Swan Shiraz-Merlot. Pretty good.



Helio Hijinks

Okay, so one of my employees brought a little amp to work a few months ago for some work function that never panned out.  It's been sitting under a counter in our store ever since.  I've asked and then told him to take it home at least twice a week for months now, and he hasn't.  So tonight, his day off, I grabbed some packing tape and taped it to his locker.  Now, I know he won't miss it.  Here are the pictures for your enjoyment:

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Looking Up

Well, things are looking up.  I'm posting for the first time on my new computer.  Only took 3 days to get it going…blah!

It's 12:30 AM and my first official day as Assistant Manager at our store.  We're a rapidly growing, small company so there is so much potential for me having gotten into management this quickly.  I'm excited, and I just I hope I do a great job!

I've recently signed up for Twitter, in addition to my blog.  It's random little posts throughout my day, very cool service.  I can post from my cell phone, an IM client, or on the Web.  You can also receive other people's twitters on any of the above.  Check out my Twitter page at:

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