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Obama Zydeco

Okay, I can admit it, this makes me miss Louisiana.  I always loved Zydeco, but this is definitely my current favorite.  For those of you new to this genre, well, just google it.



This video has been floating around for a long time, but has far fewer views than I would expect, so here you go.

If only.  If only he were this inspirational in real life.


And finally, a romance that will go down in history.


Update: Josiah Leming

In a previous post I talked about Josiah Leming and posted a video of him on the Ellen DeGeneres show.  Well, he has an album coming out in the fall and has been very successful in selling his music through his MySpace page.

Aside from chain smoking, things seem to be going very well for him.  Looking forward to his album, but I’m curious to know what you all think of him and his music?  I may just be(I know I am) a sucker for an underdog story.




Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Maybe if we dance.

I recommend viewing the full screen HD version at:

The beautiful song playing in the video can be downloaded at:


Josiah Leming

You have to check this kid out, he’s fantastic and his story is great!