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Okay, so I really enjoy the culture around wine but I don’t know that much about it. I’m trying lots of different wines and finding that I dislike more of them than I like. That being said, loving this wine may totally get me laughed at, but it’s great! I first became interested in Lambrusco when I worked at Olive Garden. I got used to serving wines(though I didn’t try any of them until years later, I was strongly opposed to alcohol for silly religious reasons I have now grown beyond) and when someone ordered Lambrusco I was surprised to get a chilled red wine from the bar.

Years later I tried it, but I don’t remember it well. I picked up a bottle of Riunite’s Lambrusco a few days ago and am trying it now. It’s wonderful. It has about half the alcohol of the other wines I’m used to, so it doesn’t have the alcohol flavor I normally struggle to get past.

If you’re into wine or even if you’re not, try it out. It’s definitely a great first wine for anyone.